In ancient mythology, Liber was the god of viticulture and wine-making, as well as fertility, festivities, inspiration, creativity and freedom. The festival of this god, Liberalia, was celebrated on March 17, nowadays known as Saint Patrick's Day, honouring liberty and free speech in a carefree and joyful atmosphere while quenching thirst with god's wondrous alcoholic beverage
LIBERUM vodka is creafted in Eastern Europe, the historic Vodka Belt region. Distilled 5 times by original recipe from premium grain spirits and own artesian 280-meters deep well water in an old-world style to express synergy of modern technologies and historical and cultural tradition of the North-East of Europe.

Triple filtrated through quartz sand, wood charcoal and organic linen, LIBERUM vodka is a soft, natural and high-quality product that is enjoyable as pure drinking and as part of cocktails.

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Made using purest water from 280 meters deep artesian wells
Liberum vodka is a soft, natural and high-quality beverage to be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails. The high quality vodka makes mixing straightforward, with no bartender skills required.
White Russian
LIBERUM • 50 ml
Khalua • 30 ml
Cream • 30 ml
Cranberry juice • 120 ml
Orange juice • 30 ml
LIBERUM • 30 ml
Vodka Tonic
Lime juice • 15 ml
LIBERUM • 50 ml
Tonic • 150 ml
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